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Ángeles y Sirenas

C-prints, magnets (The Fish); c-prints (The Birds); eye agates, copper, brass (Eyes); chain, brass, agate, bivalve fossil (Necklace); common moon crab, baroque pearl, copper (Moon Crab); spotlight (Angel).
Dimensions Variable
RL16, Berlin 2022.

curated by Barbara Buchmaier
photos: Jens Ziehe and I.G.

Lady of Situations

Pigment inkjet prints; Tridacna shells; high relief on wall, plaster; 3D print of a bronze head from a statue of Hypnos (c. 3rd century BC), Jackdaw wing (Corvus monedula, legally taken from the wild in the UK by licensed pest controllers) and cord; song.
Dimensions Variable
Galerie Perpétuel, Frankfurt a.M. 2021.


The voice of the Delphic Oracle itself, what was it? A poisonous gas from a rock's cleft.
Hypnos as Chonchón.

Grammar of Birds
2:45 min
— playing every 15 min
songwriting: Josefina Gilardi
lyrics : Josefina Gilardi & Isidora Gilardi


Pigment inkjet print — Portrait of a Komodo Dragon named Flores, and chalcedony quartz (Tiger’s Eye stone).
Dimensions Variable
The Whistle, Städelschule Graduation Show, Schaumainkai 69, Frankfurt a.M. 2021.
photos: Eric Bell

The Diction of Stone and Mortar

Pigment inkjet prints on wood hung at ~4 m high.
Dimensions Variable
Essays of Undoing, RAY Masterclass, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt a.M., 2021

Late in the day

high relief of Eos pouring the morning dew dressed in a starsprinkled robe. —from an antique vase; pearls, an egg of a Kollonka hen (Araucana), photograph - gelatin silver print.
Dimensions variable.
Die Grotte, Offenbach, 2020.


lucero, bright star, venus
interruption or glare: never appears to venture far from the sun, setting in the west just after dusk & rising in the east before dawn.
the brightest object in the night sky after the moon,
so bright that can cast shadows

from T.S. Eliot, Marina

from E. Dickinson, F459

The Birds —Black Sun

The Birds: gelatin silver prints on wooden frame, photos of birds printed in bird size and hung in bird height. Black waters: black ink & water in stainless steel sink
Dimensions variable.
Black Sun, Städelschule Rundgang, Frankfurt a.M. 2020.

Black waters is a collaboration with Rosario Aninat

The World

Tarot cards, stories, pearls, eggs, analogue photographs, flag, plants, sea snail, stone, apple, drawing, amulet.
Dimensions variable.
Kommunalka, Leipzig. 2018
photos: Nicolás Rupcich


A caiman (Caiman crocodilus) was seen sunbathing placidly on a fallen tree trunk as a Julia butterfly (Dryas iulia) fluttered around its face and taste its tears. She looked pretty with a flapping eyelash sipping the salty sodium of her hypocritical tears.

sympathy of the spheres:
analog phtograph, hen, ostrich and quail eggs
& pearls

Death's flag.
~ embroidery by Esperanza Rojo

(Mandragora autumnalis)

Begonia Rex & sea snail

crocodile butterfly
(Fulgora laternaria)

rabbit foot fern
(Davallia fejeensis)
& amulet

chloris becoming flora
fragment of Allegoria della primavera,
Sandro Botticelli, c. 1482

Begonia Maculata
& hoja de sangre (Hypoestes phyllostachya)

desert rose plant (Adenium Obesum)
& desert rose crystal

clover (Trifolium)

eggs & Death tarot card

hand of st. Lucy,
Francesco del Cossa, c. 1473

Sappho, trans. Anne Carson

hand of Sylvia Plath & apple

(Rhynchospora colorata)

secret love (Impatiens Velvetea)

Emily Dickinson’s herbarium

Habías sido yo

Smell of peonies; fresh flowers and vase, relief in plaster of a crocodile, butterflies and bees; analogue photographic prints, dried flowers, glass, bronze chains, bolts and nuts; obsidian and daffodil coated in resin; apple branch; knucklebones, plaster cast of a woman’s and man’s hand, steel; photographs; pearls; translucent mirror; plaster cast of an ear, sea-shell and jewellery: pendants by Elizabeth Burmann.
Dimensions variable.
LOCAL Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago. 2018

zine of the exhibition with texts by Paula Solimano A. & Ileana Elordi

gaucho & astragolizonta
playing knuclebones

the lily’s throat to the hummingbird

narcissus & obsidian

crocodile tears


the pleiades


Sibling of Habías sido yo.
Prophecy embodied in a group show organized by art&crap,
at LOCAL Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, 2018.
together with:


zine of the exhibition, with an incantation and a crossword.

◠ de Claudio Eliano en Historia de los animales: sobre las abejas

La Acontecida

Photographs, glass, condensed water, cotton rope, pins, plaster, fulgurite, 3d print of a Greek mask, low-relief in wall, hair lock, opalite (moon stone), silver, pearl, butterfly, beetle, insects, canvas, roomplan.
Dimensions variable.
Galería Balmaceda 1215, Santiago. 2017.

beetle, cotton and Hypnos
—son of darkness and night.
lived in a cave down the Hades
where the sun and the moon met,
and where the Lethe was born;
the river that no longer
living Greeks crossed
to forget their lives.
God of sleep-.

plaster cast of the gap
between two holding hands.

from A. Somers in La mujer desnuda.

La mujer vio con pavor eso tan brutalmente solitario y definitivo que estaba ocurriéndole a ella misma por el acontecer del otro.

The woman saw with terror, that so brutally lonely and definitive that was happening to her on account of what occurred to another.

fulgurite —petrified encounter
between a lightning bolt and the dessert-.

photograph of an
imageless projection.

canvas exposed half year
under the open sky, bugs.

from W. Shakespeare in The Tempest.

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

photograph and hair lock.

opalite (moon stone),
pearl and silver.

photograph of the nightfall’s sky,
condensed water and butterfly.

Órgano peregrino

Two-part exhibition (Prologue & Panopticon), spatially separated as two chapters.
Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC), Montevideo. 2015.

§ — Prologue
Inkjet print, cast, photograph, sea snails.
Dimensions variable.

G. Kriszat’s illustrations for
A Stroll Throught the Worlds of Animal and Men (1934),
of the biologist Jakob von Uexküll:

Fig. 9a A village street, photograph
Fig. 9c The same village street as seen by a fly
Fig. 9d The same village street as seen by a mollusc

§ — Panopticon
Fabric engraved with sunlight, photographs, ceramic, black jasper stones, tiger’s eye stone, crab pincer, rope, cast, tile, photocopy, myth of the Pemón tribe, sand, rusted gears.
Dimensions variable.

The EAC is housed in the building of a former jail from the late nineteenth century, which was built as a panopticon; a surveillance centre connects its four pavilions. The museum takes place in one remodelled pavilion and the rest remains closed to the public as ruins that can be seen only from the inside of the museum, through a large window facing the centre of the panopticon. This chapter was installed behind the window, within the ruins, inside the eye.

saw a Crab
playing on the beach.

The Crab was throwing his eyes to the sea and
singing a song to the waters to return them.
The Tiger followed him and did the same.
Without the organs the body lost the sight, but at singing the eyes returned to their orbits. The organs gave him his vision back, bringing with them submarine images, fleeting memories attached to the retina. The Tiger wanted to look again at those strange landscapes and, ignoring the warnings of the Crab about a fish approaching, threw his eyes to the sea. The fish ate them and blinded him forever.

Acto de ver, 2016.

Las cosas segregadas

Chilean Escudos (): coins and bills from 1970s, coloured soil, book, photographs, photograph & condensed water on glass, matted lint, mineral coal. Variable dimensions.
Acumulación Breve, Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Santiago. 2014.


Objectified handwriting, acrylic, 7 x 18 cm. 2013.

Isidora Gilardi

b. 1992
Chilean — Argentinean
based in Berlin, Germany.

Collects images, objects, and stories in arrangements delving into the ways in which meaning, memories, affection, and aversion settle in the matter. Exploring how storytelling is embedded in matter, she has focused her practice in the cross-pollinations, between nature and culture.

art&crap member

✑ :

Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
HGB, Leipzig, Germany.
PUC, Santiago, Chile.